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Your chiropractor in Wausau utilizes a wide variety of technologies to improve your well-being.

Heart Rate Variability

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) measures the amount of stress on the brain and nervous system by showing the amount of autonomic reserve and resiliency held by the nervous system. This scan is one of the gold standard measurements for cardiovascular health.

Thermal Scan

A thermal scan measures temperature. Disturbances to the nervous systems, particularly along the spine, can cause changes to blood flow or inflammation which causes temperature differences from side to side on the back. This non-invasive scan shows the doctor the condition of your autonomic nervous system which controls all of your organs, glands and circulatory system.

Surface EMG

Your nervous system controls your muscles with minute electrical impulses. When those impulses are blocked by subluxations, the overall function of your nervous system is disturbed. A Surface Electromyography scan measures those minute amounts of electrical energy along the spine to see where any blockages or disturbances occur. The doctor can use the Surface EMG as a diagnostic tool as well as to measure your progress throughout treatment.


COREscore™ is a measurement of how effective a patient’s brain and nervous system are functioning. This 100 point scale is like a health report card, combining information from Thermography, Surface EMG, and HRV. The higher the score, the higher functioning the patient’s nervous system. This helps the doctors to identify stress and measure progress throughout treatment.

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