Posture Correction in Wausau?

Chiropractic Wausau WI Lady with Poor Posture

Are you interested in correcting your poor posture in Wausau? Read this article to understand how the team at Spring Into Life Chiropractic uses the latest techniques to help get you back to optimum health.

Posture Correction in Wausau

It is simple to see if your posture is incorrect. Stand with the back of your head, your shoulder blades, and buttocks touching a wall with your feet two to four inches away from the bottom of the wall. Reach around and slide your hand into the curve of your lower back. Ideally, there should be one hand’s width between the wall and your lower back. If you tend to stand with one leg out, sit slumped in a chair, text with your head down, or cradle the phone between your cheek and shoulder, your posture is incorrect.

What effect does posture have on the rest of the body?

Headache, mood changes, high blood pressure, and diminished lung capacity are among the functions most influenced by poor posture. A forward head posture such as that when texting or working at a computer increases the weight of the head on the spine by 10 lbs. Over time, this strain can cause muscle strain, pinched nerves, and disc herniation. However, poor posture is not only related to back and neck pain but also in the fatigue and immune system dysfunction associated with fibromyalgia.

How can posture correction be achieved through chiropractic care?

The low-force chiropractic techniques employed by Dr. Travis at Spring Into Life Chiropractic are designed to allow the body to return to its ideal function through spinal manipulation. Not only do these techniques restore nervous system function, they also bring the spine into alignment, restoring proper posture. As spinal alignments are combined with lifestyle adjustments (such as sitting, standing, and working in correct positions) the body’s muscles accommodate the new, proper alignment and posture is restored to its proper form. As this occurs, patients begin to experience less fatigue, better lung capacity, fewer headaches, and less incidence of neck and back pain.

If you are struggling with poor posture, call our team at Spring Into Life Chiropractic today for help.


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