Our No-Crack Approach in Wausau

Chiropractic Approach in Wausau WI

We work with your whole body. The spine is more than just bones. The spine actually acts as an important path of communication, as messages between your brain and the nerves throughout your body all pass through your spinal column. The team at Spring Into Life Chiropractic is excited to show you our no-crack approach in Wausau.

Our No-Crack Approach in Wausau

Your body is an integrated system

Your brain's job is to work with your spinal cord through the peripheral nervous system to ensure that everything works properly. The brain, spinal cord, and the rest or your body are an integrated system: all systems depends on one another.

The trouble with cracking

Traditionally, chiropractic care tries to realign the spine by pushing vertebrae back into its proper position. This was done in an effort to make the central nervous system perform better.

However, forcing bones into different positions doesn't help your brain and nervous system's communicate or respond to stressors.

Why forceful adjustments don’t always work

Your spine is supported not by its bones, but by its muscles, ligaments, discs, and tendons. Since your body works as a whole, integrated system, forceful adjustments don't always work.

Your body knows what is best for you. And, consequently, knows best when and how to release tension, allowing the spine to realign itself. Forceful adjustments, when performed repeatedly at the wrong place and time can create microscopic tearing in the ligaments. This can lead to a more unstable spine. Through the "No Crack" approach administered at Spring into Life Chiropractic, your body is allowed to do what it knows is best for you.

What the cracking sound is - and isn’t

The sound you hear when a chiropractor "cracks your back" does not necessarily mean that your back is re-aligned. The sound you hear is the sound the vertebrae makes when they separate quickly. The noise is similar to the sound a suction cup makes when you pull it off a window. It sounds like it's effective, but it doesn't always mean that the correct adjustment was made. Have Dr. Travis introduce you to the "No Crack" approach and start your journey to whole wellness.

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