Chiropractic Care in Wausau

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We do not try to force your spine into place. Instead, we help your body learn to correct itself. There is no cracking or popping in our office. We do not want your body merely to restore its spinal alignment back its former position. Instead, we help your body to reorganize to surpass its former alignment and find the best possible position for itself. Our aim is whole health. If you are living with chronic pain, then chiropractic care in Wausau might be the perfect treatment option for you!

Chiropractic Care in Wausau

According to the American Chiropractic Association, chiropractic care focuses on musculoskeletal and nervous system disorders and the effects these disorders have on a person’s overall health. Not only can chiropractic care address pain in the neck, back, and joints, it can also serve to relieve symptoms associated with headaches, allergies, autism, and ADHD.

Who needs chiropractic care?

Everyone who has a spine can benefit from chiropractic care. The spine misaligns in order to protect the vast system of nerves known as the spinal cord. When this misalignment occurs, tension results and can cause miscommunication between the nerves of the body. With communication disrupted, the nervous system prompts the body to hold on to its defensive position more tenaciously than ever.

While traditional chiropractic care involves forceful adjustments of the spine to allow the nervous system to restart its communication system, when such adjustments are administered in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and in a repeated manner, microscopic damage can result. This is why Dr. Travis employs a variety of state-of-the-art, low-force techniques to allow the body to correct the alignment of the spine for long-lasting, high-quality results.

My back doesn't hurt, will chiropractic care do my any good?

Yes! Even if a person’s back feels fine, systemic tension from misalignment of the spine can cause a variety of symptoms such as upset stomach, sleeplessness and depression. Studies have shown that chiropractic has been shown to regulate body chemistry for optimal health in patients who were not experiencing pain.

A 2003 study published in the Annals of Medicine showed that administering force to the spine, such as that in a chiropractic adjustment, can help regulate cell chemistry and gene expression. This means that every aspect of a patient’s body, from heart rate and breathing to the immune system benefits from regular chiropractic care.

Our Techniques

Koren Specific Technique

KST, or Koren Specific Technique uses a specific, low-force, Applied Kinesiology based technology. Yes, this is 21st century chiropractic. It was developed by Dr. Tedd Koren in 2003 and is very different than more traditional forms of chiropractic adjustments because it involves no twisting or ‘cracking’. It uses a tool called the Arthrostim to gently adjust the areas of your body that are subluxated to perform the adjustment. Most adjustments are done with the person in a standing position, but KST allows the freedom to adjust in a position of subluxation or pain.

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For example, if you have pain while you’re sitting, laying on your side, while working on a computer, playing an instrument or while you’re swinging a golf club (or almost anything else), you can be adjusted while you are in that specific position or during that activity, which often unlocks the issue and reduces or frees you of pain.  After being adjusted with KST, most practice members report that it was the best adjustment they’ve ever had!

Torque Release Technique

Torque Release Technique (TRT) is a chiropractic technique that focuses on the tension of your spine and nerve system. To illustrate, imagine a guitarist. As he begins to play a guitar, he notices a note out of tune. He then focuses his attention to adjusting the tuning pegs to tune the guitar. He tunes and plays until he finds the right note.

Now imagine your spinal cord as a guitar string. It is a thick string of electricity-conducting jelly, and the frequency at which it is functioning is determined by the amount of tension placed on either end of the spinal cord. The amount of tension on the cord determines the tune that your body will play. There are tuning pegs located at both ends of your spine: at the top are your cranium and neck and at the bottom are your sacrum and coccyx (the tailbone).

After Torque Release adjustments, people have reported feeling lighter and looser, having clearer vision, experiencing emotional releases, and having a general sense of well-being. In essence, TRT tunes your nervous system so that it can release and reduce tension, thereby allowing your body to self-correct and play the song it was meant to play.

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